Staff overview

The staff is the "headquarters" of the battalion, the team is composed of members with distinctive roles and responsibilities, they Advise and provide information to the companies, prepare plans and orders, and are responsible for the execution of decisions.

Battalion Commander    (BN CDR)

Jose Diaz Alvarez

Battalion Executive Officer (BN XO)

Lohitha Perugu

Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO)

Anny Tamayo Meza

Battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM)

Daniel Mitchum

Battalion Adjutant (BN S1)

Chloe Wagner

Battalion Operations Officer (BN S3)

Eraste Stampley

Battalion assistant Operations Officer(BN AS3)

Megan Gallegos

Battalion assistant Planning Officer(BN AS3)

Camila Marable

Battalion Supply Officer (BN S4)

Piper Brock

Battalion Public Affairs Officer (BN S5)

Michael Howard

Battalion Public Affairs Officer (BN AS5)

Jayden Ballentine

Rifle Commander

Lucas Johnson

Drill Master of Arms

Eli Ethridge

Junior Drill Commander

Gracie Ford

Drill Commander

Hayden Topodas

Junior Raider Commander

Jackson Stephens

Senior Raider Commander

Leighana James

Academic Team Commander

Daniel Alley